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About This Campaign

We are three SFU Communication students who designed this campaign to highlight some alarming aspects of food production and how we can protect ourselves.

The way we live has changed rapidly in a short time, and while science brings amazing benefits, it also helps justify some great harms.

Large-scale food production is an industry that benefits financially from taking some shortcuts and risks with our health. Pesticides are poisons; they are meant to be toxic. Over the years they have had serious ecological impacts and effects on health. The nasty ones keep cropping up, even after being banned. Worst of all, global use is on the rise.

Some degree of toxicity in farming is considered an “acceptable risk,” but our argument is that people should be able to choose that risk for themselves. Our campaign also considers risks that arise in the processing and packaging stages. We argue that at every stage, people should know what’s being added to their food.

We want to feel excited about food and the human act of nourishing ourselves. We know that financial pressures, time constraints, and unclear information make it hard sometimes, but we think even small measures can make a difference. What we eat is central to our well-being on every level.

There are many reasons to buy known and grown (bare and local). We hope you’ll take the time to explore our site and check out our films. Let us know what you think at knownandgrown@gmail.com

Our Team:

Chris Gallardo … Sound Technician, Sound Editing, Documentary Script, Infographic Animation

Alina Koval … Film Direction,  Film and Sound Editing, Cameras & Photography, Casting, Props

Helena Krobath … Creative Direction, Web Content & Research, Interviews/Narration, Infographic Illustrations

Special Thanks :

Jonagh Fairbrother … Web design/Wordpress

Sachi Hannah … The Toxic Breakfast (Actor)

Bogdan Kondriuk … The Toxic Breakfast (Director of Photography)

Stephen Uter … The Toxic Breakfast (Actor)

The friendly people at the Vancouver Farmers Market

Michael Allan of GBE Heirloom Allan Family Farms

Our SFU CMN 428 Instructors, Steve Kline, Chris Jeschelnik, & Svetlana Smirnova