general produce tips

While buying organic is a good idea, it’s not always possible to find or afford organic products all the time. A few precautions can help keep you safe.

First, avoid the worst offenders and stick to the safest choices; some plants absorb more pesticides than others. Second, always wash your produce well. Residue may be invisible, but it is still there.

AbsorptionThick vs Thin Skin    ….  right to the heart.

In general, avoid foods with thin skins, like berries, apples, and potatoes. These are worth avoiding, as they carry high levels of pest and weed poisons in their flesh. 

Don’t assume that commercial canning (which has its own problems), freezing, stewing, or cooking will eliminate pesticides; high levels were often found in prepared products such as orange juice and apple sauce. 

Organics are thoroughly inspected for any trace of pesticides, making them your safest bet.

Even so, buying local products with less processing, additives, and packaging is  one of the most effective ways you can keep your nutrients and leave the unwanted pesticides.

Put simply, the best guide to grocery shopping is ‘Known and Grown.’